If you love golf, you’ll love Treehouse!

At just five minutes from Wembley Golf Course, (Western Australia’s best public course), it’s never been easier to get from Treehouse to Clubhouse.

The Treehouse apartments have been thoughtfully-designed to make life as simple as possible. It’s a place where you’ll immediately feel at home and finally be free of the seemingly endless chores that a conventional home brings.

So unless you’re a fan of cleaning gutters, mowing lawns and sweeping up leaves, then the Treehouse lifestyle may be just what you’re looking for.

Within walking distance to local shops, amenities, public transport, and (most importantly) the golf course, Treehouse brings you all you want in Jolimont.

Register your interest to go into the draw to win a $500 voucher from Wembley Golf Course Pro Shop. PLUS, all buyers will receive a $5,000 complete golf package upon settlement.*


For more information, visit: www.mystirling.com/treehouse 

* Terms & Conditions apply.